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JLN Virtual Learning Update!

IT Initiative hosts knowledge sharing webinar with Performance Based Financing Community of Practice in Africa

Curious about the Performance Based Financing Community of Practice? Our partners at PATH and PharmAccess held a webinar on 10 April, 2014 where guests from the PBF community of practice shared updates on some of their work and focus areas.

Webinar speakers included Nicolas de Borman of BlueSquare and long-time JLN member Cheikna Toure of the Union des Mutuelles du Mali. Listen to a recording from the event, or download the slides.

Practitioner-to-practitioner learning helps countries move closer to UHC

As the global health movement – and landscape of UHC supported initiatives – continues to grow, this World Health Day marks the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization in 1948. We would like to take a moment to discuss how the JLN has contributed, and continues to support countries that are working to achieve UHC and ultimately improve the health of their countries populations.

Global Movement towards UHC

Since the launch of the JLN in 2010, key global, regional and national stakeholders including the United Nations General Assembly, World Bank Group and World Health Organization have endorsed UHC as a plausible post-2015 goal, and a platform for sustainable development and poverty eradication by 2030.

Expanding Coverage Initiative Brings Together its Technical Collaboration Team

The Expanding Coverage (EC) Technical Initiative convened the first virtual meeting of the Population Coverage Technical Collaboration Team (TCT) on Wednesday, March 26, 2014. The EC Technical Initiative supports peer-to-peer learning on topics related to extending health coverage to population groups, focusing on the poor and near-poor, informal sector workers, and other disadvantaged or underserved groups. Population Coverage TCT representatives from Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam participated in the launch, which was aimed at facilitating (virtual) introductions of members, reviewing country challenges and priorities related to population coverage, and discussing potential activities for TCT collaboration.

Can Joint Learning Support Country-Level Progress towards UHC?

JLN member countries think so. Henry Ford, the great innovator who transformed the automobile industry in America, once said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” These words aptly describe how the JLN has evolved over the past four years, growing from a small group of highly committed countries to an expanding group that is working together to advance country progress toward UHC.

What is exciting about the JLN, and the real mark of success according to Henry Ford, is that JLN countries are working together to create new knowledge and tools. Working together has been such a success that JLN Steering Group members have decided to further expand network membership to draw upon the rich experience of other reformer countries.

Next phase of the JLN makes knowledge about the global movement towards universal health coverage more accessible

The JLN website will merge with the UHC Forward web platform

Many countries are pursuing UHC to increase access to quality essential health care without financial hardship. For countries to move forward, it is critical they have access to evidence about what works and how other countries are making progress.

To address this critical challenge, the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN) is opening membership to countries with a demonstrated commitment to UHC and expanding its web presence. These changes come in response to a growing demand for practical knowledge from countries on the path to UHC, and a growing community of global stakeholders who are calling for UHC as a post-2015 goal.

Expanding Membership to Enrich Learning

The JLN is opening the network to new countries, with two types of membership – Associate Membership and Learning Laboratory Membership.

Deadline Approaching for Costing Collaborative Expressions of Interest!

The deadline for the “Invitation of Expressions of Interest” to manage the JLN Collaborative on Costing of Health Services for Provider Payment is March 15, 2014!

This exciting new phase of the Costing Collaborative will be managed by a JLN member country institution or a consortium of institutions. Working with guidance from the PPM Technical Facilitators, the selected institution or consortium will be responsible for managing the ongoing work of the Collaborative, including implementation of the Costing Collaborative Costing Manual.

EC Initiative Launches New Technical Collaboration Team on Population Coverage

Photo credit: Expanding Coverage Initiative/Marilyn Heymann

The JLN Expanding Coverage Technical Initiative is forming a Technical Collaboration Team (TCT) on population coverage issues related to expansion of health coverage.

Members of the TCT are experts in the design and implementation of programs to reach the poor and near-poor, informal sector workers, and other disadvantages or underserved populations. Country Core Groups have been asked to identify a TCT participant.

The Group will come together for the first time through a virtual meeting in the coming weeks to discuss current planned activities, country priorities and potential future activities. Subscribe to the JLN newsletter or 'like' us on Facebook for more information about the launch of this group!

Tackling Fraud and Unofficial Payments within the NHIS

Fraud, abuse and unofficial payments are threats to the sustainability of health insurance schemes. Over the last two years, Ghana’s National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) has recouped 18 Million Ghana Cedis ($7.4 Million USD) charged through fraudulent claims by service providers.

We know that fraud and abuse are not unique to Ghana, and can never be completely eliminated. However, interventions must be put in place to prevent and reduce their occurrence. The Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN) Ghana Country Core Group is taking the initiative to mitigate this risk and strengthen the identification and detection of fraudulent activities by developing a Manual to help scheme staff and health managers more easily identify fraud, and provide guidance on methods of prevention.

Invitation for Expressions of Interest to Manage Costing Collaborative

The Provider Payment Mechanisms (PPM) Technical Initiative has opened up an "Invitation for Expressions of Interest" for a 2-year start-up grant to manage the JLN PPM Collaborative on Costing of Health Services for Provider Payment. In Phase II of the JLN PPM Technical Initiative, a JLN member country institution or consortium of institutions will take over the day-to-day management of the Costing Collaborative and ensure the implementation of the Costing Manual as a training and country coaching tool. It is expected that the Costing Collaborative will be completely led by a member institution or consortium of institutions by Year 2 of Phase II of the JLN PPM technical initiative.

See the invitation for a full description of the functions and specific activities required for managing the Costing Collaborative as well as application requirements. Applications are due by March 15, 2014!

Bangladesh Looks Back, Looks Ahead to UHC

As we delve into 2014 and look to 2015 as a watershed moment for global development, it’s befitting to pause and take stock of how far we have come as an international community in achieving universal health goals. One country that has achieved milestones, if not miracles, is Bangladesh (and I do not just say it because it’s where I hail from). Home to over 150 million people living on a land mass smaller than the size of Iowa, Bangladesh has made huge strides in its global health indicators. Improvements in the survival of infants and children under 5 years of age, life expectancy, lowered fertility rates, immunization coverage, and tuberculosis control in Bangladesh are part of that success story, especially as they are achieved despite low spending on health care, a weak health system, tethering political rule, and widespread poverty.

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