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Year Joined: 2014 | Membership: Associate Member

Increased access to high quality services.

Columbia has registered over 91.1 percent of their population into the General Social Security Health Care System. Under a progressive health care framework, Colombia has significantly increased access to high quality services.

Summary of UHC Journey

The 1993 Colombian health reform policy was implemented under Law 100 of the constitution to create universal health coverage through the immediate development of a subsidized healthcare system.

In Colombia’s system of universal health insurance, people participate in one of two regimes depending on income: the Contributory Regime (CR), which covers workers and their families with monthly incomes above a minimum monthly amount (approximately US$170 per month), and the Subsidized Regime (SR), which covers those identified as being poor through a proxy means test. Over the last 20 years of implementing a universal social health insurance system, Colombia is now facing challenges related to financing and regulation.

Activity as a JLN Member

Colombia joined the JLN in 2014. Members of the Colombian delegation contributed to the Toolkit for Medical Audit Systems: Practical Advice from Implementers to Implementers knowledge product.