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Year Joined: 2014 | Membership: Full Member

Scaling up insurance coverage to achieve UHC.

Senegal developed a UHC plan for 2013-2017, which focuses on scaling up health insurance schemes for the informal and rural populations and reforming the social health insurance scheme.

Summary of UHC Journey

Senegal developed a UHC plan for 2013-2017, that focuses on scaling up health insurance coverage for informal and rural populations, reforming the formal sector scheme, strengthening existing free care for elderly and pregnant women, and implementing a free care policy for children under five. Around 200 health insurance schemes operate throughout the country. A newer equity fund for coverage of the poor was implemented in 2012. Still, only 20% of the population is covered by health insurance.

Country Core Group Representatives


Activity as a JLN Member

Senegal joined the JLN in 2014 and became a full member in 2017. Members of the Senegalese delegation have contributed to Practical Guide to Strategic Communications for UHC and Planning Tool knowledge product.

In 2018, representatives from Senegal participated in the Domestic Resource Mobilization collaborative.