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The Data Foundations collaborative unites health IT professionals, policymakers, and data analysts to explore common barriers that countries face in the generation and use of health data. The collaborative members co-develop practical solutions that advance universal health coverage reforms through improved data availability, quality, and use. Together, they focus on how data can inform policy, monitor results, and drive more effective national health care delivery and financing.

Past Collaborative Work

Since 2017, the Data Foundations collaborative has convened practitioners from 10 countries to share experiences and lessons on effective health data governance and responsible data use.

Using the joint learning approach, the collaborative’s members helped produce the Using Health Data to Improve Universal Health Coverage case studies that were published in December 2018 and an accompanying companion guide for assessing data use maturity in October 2019.

The Data Foundations collaborative also supported the IT for Health Insurance Information Systems learning exchange, held in Nepal in June 2019. This Learning Exchange brought together participants from nine countries to update the JLN’s Determining Common Requirements for Health Insurance Information Systems. This updated knowledge product A Guide to Common Requirements for National Health Insurance Information Systems was published in October 2019.



Technical Facilitators

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Caren Althauser
CTA Global Partners LLC
Information Environment & Other Cross-Cutting initiative

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Anna Volbrecht
Senior Communications Associate, PATH
Information Environment & Other Cross-Cutting initiative

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Robert Eichler
Managing Consultant, Wipro Ltd.
Information Environment & Other Cross-Cutting initiative

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