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Primary Health Care Financing and Payment


About the Collaborative – This activity has concluded

Changing and refining provider payment mechanisms (PPM) to encourage more efficient and responsive service delivery is part of the roadmap to UHC in many low- and middle-income countries. Provider payment is an important lever for UHC that can improve efficiency in resource use, thereby facilitating access to good quality health services and financial protection. The way health purchasers pay health care providers to deliver covered services is a critical element of strategic health purchasing. To become more strategic purchasers, country implementers have expressed interest in participating in a joint learning approach, where tacit knowledge is shared by experts who have undergone and overcome similar challenges.
This collaborative facilitates a dynamic community of practice that builds on the successes already achieved in countries and maintains the strong relationships between implementers for joint learning on what works, where and how. In so doing, implementers can more confidently and competently navigate challenges they face in steering processes to refine provider payment mechanisms.

The key objective of the collaborative is to leverage expertise in JLN member countries to enhance experience sharing and joint learning on provider payment improvements as levers to achieve UHC.

The collaborative brings together members, who form a community of practice, in bi-monthly webinars under two streams: strategic purchasing and service delivery. As COVID-19 became a global threat, collaborative members also expressed interest to learn best practices from other countries’ pandemic responses, specifically related to how they were financing and paying for COVID-19 related services at PHC level. 

The collaborative introduced country pairing as a modality to pair 2-3 countries with a specific interest in a topic that may not otherwise be a widely shared interest across the collaborative. This will allow countries to dig deeper into the implementation experience of the resource country and get to the details that may be relevant to their country. So far the collaborative has tested 6 pairings and is evaluating the experience from this modality for learning and adaptation within the wider JLN community. 

Building on the success of the Provider Payment Mechanisms Podcast, the collaborative produced a new podcast mini-series which continues the discussion on best practices and lessons learned on provider payment mechanisms. The collaborative has also produced a PPM 10 Years On video which serves as an accessible learning tool that illustrates and showcases the journey of the PPM technical initiative over the past 10 years. The video highlights key lessons from JLN members on their experiences in the technical initiative, what enables progress in provider payment, and the future aspirations for collaborative learning on provider payment.


Collaborative Countries

Bahrain, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Lao PDR, Lebanon, Liberia, Malaysia, Mali, Moldova, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nigeria, South Korea, Philippines, and Vietnam


Technical Facilitators

Profile photo of Cheryl CashinCheryl Cashin
Managing Director, Results for Development

Dr. Kamaliah Noh

Tsolmon Tsilaajav

Profile photo of Henok YemaneHenok Yemane
Program Manager, Results for Development

Agnes Munyua
Senior Program Officer, Results for Development
Nivetha Kannan
Program Associate, Results for Development

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