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Medical Audits Collaborative

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What is a medical audit system? A medical audit system is “a quality improvement process that seeks to improve patient care and outcomes through systematic review of care against explicit criteria and the implementation of change. Aspects of the structure, processes, and outcomes of care are selected and systematically evaluated against explicit criteria. Where indicated, changes are implemented at an individual, team, or service level and further monitoring is used to confirm improvement in healthcare delivery.”

Many practitioners and policymakers across the JLN have expressed a strong interest in establishing or strengthening their Medical Audits systems. To support the demand for new knowledge on Medical Audits, South Korea—a new associate member—will host the new Medical Audits Collaborative to help other countries learn from each other and co-develop a toolkit while getting first hand exposure to the established medical audits system in South Korea.

The Medical Audit Collaborative will draw on the experience of the Costing Collaborative process to share experiences, address common challenges related to medical audit systems and to produce its own medical audit toolkit.

Technical Facilitators

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Sofi Bergkvist
Managing Director, ACCESS Health International
Service Delivery & Quality, including PHC initiative

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