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A Collaborative on Contracting Organizations for Health-Related Services

About the Collaborative – This activity is currently active

Contracting is an essential tool in mixed (public plus private) health systems. The goal of this initiative is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to take steps towards establishing, improving, or expanding contracting for TB- and other health-related services. Contracting of TB services will be used as an example but with lessons that are broadly applicable across health areas.

The focus will be on contracting with NGOs/CSOs and the for-profit private sector for specific, selected services, using a country’s own procurement system and domestic funds, to increase health system efficiency and effectiveness. The call for expressions of interest (EoI) provides further technical context, and JLN Country Core Groups (CCGs) can apply to participate here. Individuals interested in participating should reach out to their country CCG, or can be referred to their CCG by contacting [email protected].

The year-long program will consist of seven workshops: one virtual launch meeting; five virtual workshops to progress the work; and a mid-point in-person workshop. We envision specific topics or topic groupings on: 1) political will, governance, and making the case for contracting; and 2) legal and regulatory environment for contracting. Development partner support will likely be a sub-theme of both topics. A scoping phase with participating countries will determine the final learning agenda and design of the collaborative.

We will discuss practical actions needed to create the enabling environment for contracting TB- and other health-related services. There is no single pathway that countries ought to follow to establish health services contracting. However, we will be using a primer that provides ideas, useful resources, and questions to consider along this context-specific, opportunistic journey. In between workshops, there will be an opportunity to engage in country pairings and sub-group meetings to go deeper into selected sub-topics. 

Anticipated outputs:

The anticipated collective outputs for this collaborative include a comprehensive synthesis report and a shorter technical brief capturing all learning and outcomes of the collaborative.

About HS4TB

USAID’s HS4TB project supports high TB burden countries with financing and governance strategies, tools, and approaches to achieve TB elimination goals. The project is currently working in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and India, and in two global activities, to support policy reforms for increased and improved domestic contracting of TB services, greater domestic financing for TB, and more efficient use of resources, while building in-country financial and managerial skills and leadership.

Participating Countries

Coming soon! Following the EoI process, the participating countries will be listed.

Technical Facilitators

Technical facilitation for this collaborative is provided by USAID’s Health Systems for TB Project (HS4TB), led by Management Sciences for Health. HS4TB will facilitate the collaborative and bring together a group of frontline practitioners and country representatives to exchange insights and improve their national strategies through the workshops described above.


Denise Silfverberg

Principal Technical Advisor, MSH


Jacob Hughes

Senior Technical Director, MSH


Natsumi Ellis

Senior Project Associate, MSH


Sara Wilhelmsen

Portfolio Manager, MSH