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The Digital Health Collaborative 

About the Collaborative – This activity is currently active

Integration of digital interventions into health systems has become increasingly important as health systems face rising demands to deliver new, more, better, and more seamless services affordable to all people. The Digital Health Collaborative, launched in November 2023, aims to enable practitioners to learn from each other about what worked to integrate digital technology and data into healthcare systems. The Collaborative will serve as a hub of experience-based knowledge sharing across member countries. The learning activities of the Collaborative will center on interoperability, private sector solutions, making the case for digital health, and digital health governance.

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Collaborative Launch


Technical Facilitators

Technical facilitation for this collaborative is provided by the World Bank in partnership with the Digital Health Exemplars initiative, including the Center for Global Digital Health Innovation at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, eHealth Lab Ethiopia, the McKinsey Health Institute, Gates Ventures, and Exemplars in Global Health.

Co-developed resources and shared learnings from this team:

Outputs from the Collaborative will include webinars, and eventually co-created knowledge products which may include a playbook/ how-to guide all levels of interoperability in health systems including Health Information Exchange, a guide on private sector solutions: Public Private Partnerships, an orientation, evidence, and dialogue toolkit: How to pitch better and listen more, a how-to toolkit for digital health governance, and an AI agent (GPT) for annotated inventory of resources.​

Participating Countries

Bahrain, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Senegal


Marelize Gorgens
Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, World Bank

Malarvizhi Veerappan,
Program Manager, World Bank


Mahlet Gizaw, JLN Health Specialist, World Bank

Profile photo of Somil NagpalSomil Nagpal
Lead Health Specialist, World Bank