Congratulations to Five New Full Members

JLN Network Manager

The Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN) Network Manager congratulates Bahrain, Lao PDR, Lebanon, Morocco, and South Africa on achieving full membership in the network. With this achievement, these five countries further demonstrate their commitment not only to advancing universal health coverage (UHC) in their own country, but also to support and assist their peers in other countries.

These countries commit to strengthening their country core groups and engaging with national stakeholders to champion the JLN and drive UHC reforms. As full members, they also become eligible to serve as full member representatives on the JLN Steering Group if elected to a seat.


Year Joined: 2015
Country Core Group Stakeholders: Supreme Council of Health, Ministry of Health


Year Joined: 2017
Country Core Group Stakeholders: Ministry of Health’s Departments of Finance, Health Care and Rehabilitation, Planning and Cooperation, Nutrition, and Health Insurance; World Bank


Year Joined: 2017
Country Core Group Stakeholders: Ministry of Public Health, American University of Beirut


Year Joined: 2014
Country Core Group Stakeholders: Ministry of Health, National Health Insurance Agency, National School of Public Health, Ministry of Economy and Finance

South Africa

Year Joined: 2017
Country Core Group Stakeholders: National Treasury; National Department of Health; National Department of Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation; World Bank