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NEWS April 8, 2024

Introducing a learning collaborative on how to establish government-led contracting for TB- and other health-related services

JLN Network Manager

Authors: William Wells; Jacob Hughes, Denise Silfverberg, Sara Wilhelmsen, James Soki, Rahul S Reddy Kadarpeta Accelerating progress towards the health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires concerted efforts by all health systems stakeholders. Country governments anchor these efforts, playing a stewardship role. Still, as part of this stewardship, they need to explore ways of leveraging non-state […]

NEWS April 5, 2024

Celebrating Women Leaders Inspiring Contribution Towards Advancing Universal Health Coverage

JLN Network Manager

Authors: Isha Sharma, Rahul S Reddy Kadarpeta and Jane Nyambura  Leadership by women at all levels of the health system has played a pivotal role in advancing universal health coverage worldwide. Women leaders have pioneered the art of embracing collaboration and empathy, pivotal to bringing together various stakeholders to work on common goals. Joint Learning […]

NEWS March 18, 2024

Empowering Policy Reform through Shared Wisdom Beyond Borders: Kenya’s JLN Experience

JLN Network Manager

Authors: Isabella Maina, Rahul S Reddy Kadarpeta, and James Soki Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage – JLN’s 14-year odyssey stands as a remarkable testament, fueled by the compelling narratives exchanged among fervent policymakers and practitioners steering health systems transformation in their respective nations, all in the relentless pursuit of universal health coverage (UHC). […]

NEWS February 15, 2024

Navigating the Labyrinth: Unlocking Effective PHC Performance Management in Low-Resource Settings

JLN Network Manager

Authors: Jerry La Forgia[1], Jonty Roland[2], Anuska Kalita[3], James Soki[4], Rahul S Reddy Kadarpeta[5] Investing in Primary Healthcare (PHC) is more than just a financial commitment. Leaving no one behind is a central promise of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. A well-designed PHC system can act as a platform to integrate last-mile service delivery […]


JLN’s Collaborative Learning Approach Highlighted: Health Systems Strengthening Practice Spotlight

JLN Network Manager

Authors: Folsom, A. and Ewald, L. JLN’s collaborative learning approach highlighted in this Health Strengthning Systems Practice Spotlight. Over the past 15 years, multiple collaborative learning networks have launched to support health systems strengthening. This brief introduces collaborative learning as an effective approach to support sustainable health system strengthening. Collaborative learning brings together local leaders […]

NEWS January 26, 2024

Enabling cross-country learning and exchange to support universal health coverage implementation

JLN Network Manager

Lauren Oliveira Hashiguchi, Maeve Conlin, Dawn Roberts, Kathleen McGee, Robert Marten, Stefan Nachuk, Ali Ghufron Mukti, Aditi Nigam, Naina Ahluwalia, Somil Nagpal Health Policy and Planning, Volume 39, Issue Supplement_1, January 2024, Pages i125–i130, Published: 23 January 2024 Abstract As countries transition from external assistance while pursuing ambitious plans to achieve universal health coverage (UHC), there is an increasing need to facilitate knowledge sharing […]