Welcome Cambodia, the JLN’s 34th Member

JLN Network Manager

In March 2019, the JLN welcomed its newest member to the network, when Cambodia signed a memorandum of understanding with the JLN following the JLN Steering Group’s approval of the country’s membership application. With Cambodia’s membership, the network’s total membership expands to 34 countries.

Under the country’s National Social Protection Policy Framework 2016-2025, Cambodian policymakers identified increasing coverage for informal populations and expanding patients’ value for money when accessing health care as two particular priorities. Keeping these goals in mind, the Cambodian government will now join other member countries in practitioner-to-practitioner learning.

Cambodia brings detailed experience in moving from supply to demand-side funding and instituting a single operator for social health insurance that will directly benefit the network. Cambodia’s membership in the JLN will be led by the National Social Protection Council (NSPC), an inter-ministry body guiding social protection and universal health coverage reforms that is chaired by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and convenes stakeholders from across government, including the Ministry of Health.