Practitioner Perspectives: A JLN Blog Series

JLN Network Manager

There are many global resources, including datasets, visualizations, and various forms of analysis that can be used to help make the case for DRM for health. However, policymakers also need to know what policy options have or have not worked, under what conditions, and the key drivers for success. Additionally, a deeper understanding of whether efforts around DRM for health were enduring, consequential, and additional over time – as well as impacts on equity, efficiency, and access- is critical to determining whether they are worth pursuing.

The Practitioner Perspectives series aims to complement the DRM Dynamic Inventory of Resources and Efforts by providing stories – written by practitioners for practitioners – on how DRM reforms have been used to solve real-world problems.

Do you have an interest in documenting a reform in your own country? Reach out to [email protected] for support from our technical facilitation team, or submit the questionnaire to get started.


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