JLN Knowledge Products: Produced by Countries, for Countries

March 20, 2022

The Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN) brings together policymakers and practitioners from low- and middle-income countries for intensive learning exchanges on common technical barriers to universal health coverage (UHC). Together, the practitioners build on their shared experiences and expertise to co-produce practical knowledge products.

As more countries commit to implementing UHC, the lack of practical information on how to reform health systems has proved a major stumbling block to making progress. The JLN and its members have helped to fill this gap by documenting their experiences and lessons learned to help countries reach their UHC goals. Since 2010, the JLN’s members have published more than 30 knowledge products on topics critical to UHC, including service delivery, health financing and provider payment, data and information systems, and quality of care.

This file provides a semi-comprehensive list of the JLN’s knowledge products, summaries thereof, and author countries.