Using Health Data to Improve Universal Health Coverage: A Companion Guide for Assessing Data Use Maturity

November 17, 2019

As countries continue to invest in and strengthen their health information technology systems, they will gain greater access to data that can be used to deliver more efficient services.

This guide is a companion to the Using Health Data to Improve Universal Health Coverage case studies published in December 2018, and serves as a starting point for countries to assess their data use maturity, identify areas of possible improvement, and apply lessons from the case studies to their context.

At a November 2018 meeting in Yojakarta, Indonesia, members of the JLN’s Data Foundations collaborative identified the need for a supplement to the data use case studies that would provide practical guidance on how to apply the case study findings.

Representatives from Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Peru, the Philippines, South Korea, and Sudan co-produced the guide with support from technical facilitators at PATH and Wipro.

This guide provides a suggested methodology and assessment questions for each topic covered in the data use case studies so that countries can identify and prioritize areas of improvement for data use.

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