Institutional Coordination Between Health and Non-health Agencies on Population Targeting

February 13, 2022

Data Linkage Between Health and Non-health Agencies for Population Targeting

Narrative Summaries on Public Expenditure for Health

December 6, 2021

The DRM collaborative created narrative summaries to help Ministry of Health policymakers effectively analyze and present evidence-based arguments for investment in health to their Ministry of Finance counterparts using their own budget data and supplemented with global resources. The concise analyses explore how trends in data are related to within-country policy dialogue and/or health financing […]

Cover slide of Ghana's NHIS requirements document

Requirements for National Health Insurance Information Systems

November 12, 2021

This document provides an introduction to the development and use of system requirements, that countries can use as a starting point to define, design, and implement information systems to support health insurance programs.

Medical Audits in India

September 8, 2021

India drew on its participation in the JLN’s Medical Audits Collaborative and adaptation of the Medical Audit Toolkit to implement a medical audit system that could be decentralized and scaled by India’s states to review claims, identify fraud, and ensure the quality of health services being provided to patients.